(80-90% caffeine-free)

Removing caffeine should not be a hindrance to enjoying great whole leaf tea, and decaffeinating our loose teas can be done easily and naturally with minimal effect on flavor and enjoyment.

Simply steep the tea for 30-45 seconds in hot water and pour off the liquid. Then add hot water and steep in the manner you would normally use to brew a cup of that tea. Up to 90% of the caffeine will be released into the brief infusion and subsequent infusions will have minimal amounts of caffeine. Flavor and aroma will not be sacrificed.

If you are drinking decaffeinated tea from another supplier, make sure that the tea is processed according to a natural method using water (a.k.a swiss water method) and/or CO2. This method of decaffeinating bulk tea retains 95% of the polyphenols, the compounds associated with the health benefits of tea. In contrast, the common method of decaffeinating bulk tea using Ethyl Acetate only retains 30% of the polyphenols and residual solvents are left on the tea.