Nothing’s simpler than a tea bag, right? Well, maybe not. In fact, the bag you choose plays a huge role in how much of your tea’s inherent flavor actually reaches your taste buds.

Curious? We’d thought you’d be. The bag itself really makes a BIG difference, so we’re going to talk a little about tea bag size, shape and construction.

Tea Guys’ motto is “Flavor First!” and as you may know, we are utterly obsessed with putting the absolute best quality tea leaves together with peak-of-the-season fruits, spices, nuts and other natural flavorings in exactly the right proportions. At Tea Guys, we live to give you a cup that is ridiculously healthy, ridiculously good, each and every time.
And all that Tea Guys goodness deserves an equally good delivery system. So we’ve created the world’s best tea bag, the proverbial better mouse trap. Our perfectly-proportioned bag ensures that you’ll get the most out of each cup of tea and puts flavor before profits.

SIZE DOES MATTER! Tea Guys offers the biggest tea bag on the market.  And that’s important because it allows us to add more tea. By the way, a truly good cup requires 4-5 grams of tea. Our bags come in as true heavyweights, packing almost 5 grams of tea on average.  So what? Well, for example, that’s 233% MORE tea in each bag than Republic of Tea (1.5 grams/bag average)

ROOM TO MOVE! To steep optimally, tea leaves require room to absorb water, expand and infuse their flavors most freely. Our pyramidal bag shape creates a spacious ‘tea pot’ environment, allowing you to consistently enjoy the most flavor from every one of the ingredients that comprise each of Tea Guys’ incredible blends.

“WEAVE” GOT IT RIGHT! The bag material is a critical component. Tea Guys offers you a woven tea bag with the largest mesh of any bag on the market. Our wide weave insures plenty of water flow. Too-tight weaves,  paper bags and cotton materials absorb and/or trap flavor and essential oils, robbing your brew of the best possible taste. Beneficial “green” bonus: Our biodegradable bags are made from plant materials; compost them with pride!

Lots of small factors add up to huge differences in what ends up in your cup. And if we’re this fussy about the bags, imagine how much passion we put into every Tea Guys blend!

tea guys pyramid tea bag