COVID-19 Advisory

Tea Guys continues to ship orders during the COVID-19 outbreak and is striving to provide its customers with necessary supplies. However, due to an overwhelming amount of orders, Tea Guys is not able to meet its typical same day shipping promise. While we strive to ship out every order as quickly as possible, extended handling times should be expected.

Please also note that our primary shipping carriers Fedex and USPS, are also experiencing high volumes of shipments which may lead to extended delivery times.

Our office staff are currently working remotely. Therefore, we cannot offer services to walk-in customers at this time.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause. We wish that everyone will remain safe from the coronavirus and hope that our continued service will aid those who are in need.

Our company

Tea Guys is a full wholesale tea solution provider offering both hot and iced tea bags, matcha powder, bulk tea, tea concentrates, and an extremely exciting, first-of-its-kind, sparkling tea.

Sparkling teas are just the latest creation from our decades-long pursuit of the finest teas around the world. It’s a natural evolution from our hand-blended tea business that continues to grow organically to an ever-expanding community of tea lovers worldwide.

It all begins with our hand-blended tea recipes. The flavor we pack into each tea bag, each sip of sparkling tea, or our own micronized tea powder is vibrant and unique.

We make every batch by hand in small lots – not because it’s easier – but because it’s the right way to create the product we want.

Tasting Room & Factory Store

tea guys local whately massachusetts

Local Whately, Massachusetts

Our blending facility and store are located in Whately, MA – a small New England farming community.


“I have loved Tea Guys for several years, and the chai teas are my favorite. This is my daily tea and the whole spices and rich flavor bring a wonderful intensity to this cup. This is only one of the few Vanilla Chai teas on the market that do not taste bitter or artificial. It is strong yet smooth.

Steven P.

“I have been trying to replace my morning coffee with the healthier option of tea and just could not find a replacement. Spent much $$$ at Teavana and could not find anything that would satisfy until I found Teaguys.

Lisa O.